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Paper News: Nekoosa Creates World’s First Carbonless Paper with Added Antimicrobial Protection

NEKOOSA, WI – Nekoosa Coated Products’ creates the world’s first antimicrobial carbonless paper by adding Biomaster® silver ion technology, a non-toxic, naturally occurring antimicrobial technology to protect the paper’s surface from bacteria.


Paper News: American Eagle Antimicrobial Paper

State College, PA – American Eagle Paper Mills of Tyrone, Pennsylvania introduces their new product, Eagle Armour Copy.


Product Availability: Paper Mart Stocks American Eagle Antimicrobial Paper

Paper Mart is proud to stock American Eagle’s new antimicrobial paper that uses silver as an antimicrobial agent.


Product Availability: Paper Mart Stocks Neenah Sundance!

Paper Mart is pleased to stock ROYAL SUNDANCE® Papers from Neenah Paper.


Paper News: Digital MagneCote

Digital printing just got easier with Digital MagneCote. A special coating has been added to standard MagneCote that enables the product to withstand the high heat environment within digital print equipment.


Paper News: Spinnaker Launches New Digital & Offset Items

In order to assist your customers’ need for smaller runs, Spinnaker has created new 200 sheet items for all full sheet Toner and Indigo digital 12 x 18” and 13 x 19” products.


Paper News: Spinnaker Launches New Die Cut Label Items

The folks at Spinnaker have been busy working on ways to keep up with the rapidly growing digital market. Earlier this week marked the launch of their Digital Full Sheet Express Program and now Spinnaker is pleased to announce the launch of the new die cut label SKUS for the HP Indigo and Toner based print technologies. Contact a Paper Mart Specialist for details and additional information on this new program.;

Paper News: Mohawk highlights new Dimensional portfolio

Select Mohawk Products will Run Live on HP Indigo 10000 and HP Indigo 5600 Digital Presses The Mohawk Dimensional Portfolio is a new line of pre-scored and perforated products designed to run on digital presses and dry toner equipment. The Mohawk Dimensional Portfolio includes sheets of pre-scored and perforated shapes and formats. Templates include a cube box, gift box, table tent card, pocket folder, golf ball sleeve, wine bottle box, greeting card and door hanger, with plans to expand the line later this year to include additional designs and templates. These innovative products are available on Mohawk Superfine Eggshell i-Tone, Mohawk Via Linen i-Tone and Mohawk Color Copy Ultra Gloss.

Paper News: Spinnaker Launches New Indigo and Toner Items

Spinnaker is pleased to announce the launch of new items for the digital print market including: Products for Production Toner, Laser Printers, and Copiers

  • Crack ’n Peel® Multi-PrintTM 60# High Gloss
  • DiversiPrint® 60# Gloss

Items for HP Indigo Digital Presses

  • DigiTM 60# Gloss Optimized for HP Indigo
  • DigiTM 60# Uncoated Finch Fine® iD

Contact a Paper Mart Specialist for details and additional information on these new products.;

Paper News: MagnetNotes, LTD Enhances MagneCote® Product Lines Available Through Nekoosa Coated Products

New magnetic coating technology enhances the durability, dimensional stability, runnability, converting and finishing capabilities to the MagneCote® product line. “This new formulation of the proprietary magnetic technology makes MagneCote® an even better choice for anyone interested in producing custom magnets,” says Paul Charapata, CEO of Nekoosa Coated Products. “The product finishes very nicely; it looks clean and you get crisp, clean edges when die cutting or guillotine trimming. And since Magnecote is premagnetized, you can sell custom magnets right from the delivery tray with no post-processing by using costly magnetizers.” Available in premagnetized grades compatible for offset, select dry toner color presses and HP Indigo printing, MagneCote® is suitable for a variety of applications including sports schedules, business cards, promotions, calendars, to-go menus, postcards, appointment reminders and prescription refill reminders. Available for sale at Paper Mart Inc., please contact a Paper Mart Sales Specialist today to receive additional information.;