Paper Essentials: Nekoosa Coated Products offers new MagneCote® swatch book and idea kit

Add magnetic media to your marketing mix
Bring high quality messages to unexpected places with MagneCote®, the world’s first premagnetized paper. Create more efficient, breakthrough messages by maximizing reach, relevance, retention, response and return on investment. MagneCote® is a new media to add to your marketing mix.


  • Visible – Your customers will see your message each time they open their refrigerator, locker or filing cabinet.
  • Efficient – Get magnetized sheets right off the press! No magnetizing processes required saving you time and money.
  • Compatible – Printable with offset, HP Indigo, UV inkjet and select dry toner/laser based presses. Whether you are running a long or short run print job, there is a MagneCote® product for you.
  • Versatile – MagneCote® can be die-cut, perforated, folded, scored and saddle stitched just like paper, allowing you to create multiple applications with the same product.
  • Economical – MagneCote® is lighter weight than traditional magnets, saving you money on postage and transportation costs.
  • USPS Approved – No special measures to send promotional magnets in your next direct mail campaigns.

Ideas: Coupons, Calendars, To-Go Menus, Postcards, Point-of-Purchase Displays, Business Cards, Emergency Contact Lists, Sports Schedules, Prescription Refill Reminders, Machine Instructions, Restaurant Promotion

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