Why recycle?

Preserving the delicate balance of our ecology requires a commitment from all of us. Recycling is an effective way to conserve our resources, minimize waste and protect our environment.

Why buy recycled paper?

Although the forest products industry continuously plants new trees, it is environmentally sound to use recycled products. Virgin paper uses between 2 and 4.4 tons of trees to produce 1 ton of pulp. Using recycled fiber takes about 1.4 tons out of the landfill to produce 1 ton of recycled fiber. In addition, less water, fewer chemicals and less energy are required.

Which earth-friendly products should I choose?

It is up to you! Some environmental organizations suggest the highest level of recycled post consumer fiber, others are more concerned about harvesting practices and recommend the Forest Stewardship Council™ Certification, and still others like to promote use of alternative crops such as sugar cane.

What is an ecological footprint?

A measurement of the environmental or ecological impact that a person or organization has is called the ecological footprint. It is measured by all of the resources that are used, like trees, water, chemicals and energy along with the generation of air and water pollutants and solid wastes.

What is my ecological footprint?

If the biologically productive land and sea were totaled and divided by the number of people on earth, each person would have about 4.5 acres to feed and clothe themselves, play and make all the materials needed to live. Current estimates are that the average American footprint is 24 acres.

What are greenhouse gases?

Any gases that get trapped in the earth’s atmosphere and add to climate warming are called greenhouse gases. The most obvious one is carbon dioxide. It is one measure of energy and resources to produce paper and other materials.

Can I use the FSC® logo?

You may not use the FSC® logo on your printed material, without the Chain of Custody certification and consent of the Forest Stewardship Council™. However, it is appropriate to say “printed on paper made with 100% post consumer fiber” or “printed on recycled paper”.

When can I use the recycled logo?

Anytime, because its use is not protected. It can imply recycled content or the fact that the product can be recycled. Many environmentalists do not use the logo for this reason.

Click here to see more FAQs from the FSC®: http://www.fsc.org/faq.html