Paper Essentials: New CTI Swatchbook

CTI Paper USA has launched five new individual swatchbooks incorporating printed pieces showcasing the company’s core premium specialty paper brands. All swatchbooks boast a fresh new design theme with clean and crisp visual presentations.

The books highlight samples of each paper in all colors and weights. In addition, each brand’s environmental attributes are detailed, along with printing and bindery equipment compatibility and a small sampler list of recommended uses. Printing and handling hints are also presented.

  • The new Kromekote Collection swatchbook and print demonstration feature the iconic crisp Red Delicious apple, now in a striking and unexpected teal blue.
  • Glama Natural features a new and compelling pop art owl mascot, while Glama Kraft features a charismatic pop art bulldog mascot.
  • Aspire Petallics features an intriguing pop art “cool guy” icon.

The Durilla swatchbook spotlights the brand’s mascot, Durilla, in a high-impact color illustration of a silverback gorilla.

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