Paper Essentials: Nekoosa Synaps Swatchbook

The most effective way to sell Synaps® polyester paper is by showing key applications so… Nekoosa just created a new sales tool to do just that!

If you’re printing menus, banners, ID cards or anything else that’s going to see a lot of wear and tear, it’s time to think Synaps®. Featuring a double-sided matte finish, this polyester based synthetic paper is waterproof, tear proof and fade resistant. From harsh outdoor conditions to repeated handling, Synaps® can take whatever you throw at it and still show off your work perfectly.  Learn More.


Presenting a complete product overview and featuring a waterfall of available weights, the NEW! The Synaps swatch book is completely functional and offers several applications. Available in limited quantities.
These qualities make it ideal for:
• Direct mail
• Hole punched tags
• Manuals
• Catalogs
• Scored table tents
• Counter mats
• POP signage
• And so much more!

For samples, additional information and to order, contact your Paper Mart Sales Professional or email