Paper Essentials: New! astrobrights® Papers Swatchbook

The first and largest selection of brightly colored papers in the industry; astrobrights®papers will grab attention and make a bold statement.

Along with a comprehensive waterfall targeting color hues and weight, the New! Neenah astrobrights®papers swatchbook contains sections on Postal Information along with Production Consideration.
▪Learn the Basics of USPS Mailpiece Considerations.
▪Explore the reference materials on colorfastness and pre-press consideration
▪Discover the impact of desktop printing,  digital printing, embossing, foil stamping and more

Ideal for Direct Mail, Flyers, Menus, Announcements, Newsletters, Brochures, Packaging applications and many other Marketing Materials.

What’s New?
Boasting 25 vibrant colors, Neenah has expanded its offering to include
50 lb. Text in 8 popular hues
80 lb. cover in all 25 hues
100 lb. cover in its top 8 hues
135 lb. cover in 3-duplex combinations

astrobrights® papers NEW USPS basis weights consideration
25 Colors available, 65C, 9.4 pt.
8 Colors available, 70T, for up to 1 oz. folded self-mailers.

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