Paper Insights: Neenah ‘How to Win’ Promo

With characteristic charm and enthusiasm, Neenah Paper has outdone itself yet again with its brand new promo, “How to Win,” which provides inspiring examples of dimensional and other items that go far beyond the done-to-death college brochure.

Navigating the world of academia marketing just got a little easier for designers. Neenah has just released ‘How to Win’, a new promotion created for designers who are specializing in, or are looking to enter, the higher education market.

Helpful hints and a multitude of production techniques are food for thought as the reader is walked through six key touch points of the college audience:

•How to entice college-bound students

•How to influence the big decision

•How to seal the deal

•How to connect with a generation that cares

•How to boost alumni loyalty

•How to reel in and reassure donors


Contact your Paper Mart Sales Professional or email to request a sample while quantities last.