Paper Company Hosts Meeting, Co-Sponsored by MSMA Metro NJ/NY Chapter and its Members

The Fascinating World of Paper

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East Hanover, NJ – April 24th, 2014 – Leading Paper Merchant Distributor, Paper Mart Inc. hosts a meeting ‘The Fascinating World of Paper’. The event was organized to educate Mail Systems Management Association (MSMA) members on the captivating world of paper in an effort to endorse the integrity of the Paper Industry and dispel the myths of paper’s negative impact on the environment.

Co-sponsored by (MSMA) Metro New Jersey/ New York Chapter and its members, the event opened with a tour of Paper Mart’s state of the art facility followed by a continental breakfast and presentations by Richard Koch and Betty Stahm, Sales Executives, American Eagle Paper Company and Gary Dow, Director of Business Development Finch Paper LLC.

About Paper Mart, Environmental Leadership

Jonathan Block, (OPP) Office of the President, while addressing a targeted group of printing, marketing and mailing professionals, began the presentation with a brief account of the origin of Earth Day in America.  Commencing in 1970, the purpose of the holiday was to create a mass environmental movement and to educate the country on such relevant issues. Today, Earth Day has become a global project expanding into many diverse realms of environmental well-being.

Mr. Block asserted that the Paper Industry, with emphasis on being good stewards of the environment, has taken huge strides in strategically promoting the responsible management of the world’s forests.  In fact, there are 20% more trees in the U.S. today than there were in 1970 when the Earth Day movement began. Additionally, Mr. Block emphasized Paper Mart’s internal commitment to recycling and environmental proficiency in addition to its strategic commitment to aligning itself with those mills that share this same commitment.

Jerold Levey, President and CEO, continued the presentation by reinforcing Paper Marts’ commitment to the industry. He noted the importance of the environmental prowess in the Paper Industry and recognized that this topic needed to be articulated.  “Paper has gotten a bad rap over the years. We see advertisements and marketing campaigns that misrepresent the truth about paper usage and the negative impact that paper manufacturers have on our planet. As stewards of the paper industry, we have a responsibility to start a grass root effort to dispel the misconceptions and myths hovering over the industry.  We are here today to emphasize the fact that paper is recyclable, renewable, and ultimately sustainable. The more we know about paper, the more we can understand how to make smart choices about when and how to use it.”

Paper Mart is one of the largest, most trusted paper and envelope specialists in the United States. Protecting the environment has been a Paper Mart initiative for decades. The company, which is FSC certified, is committed to a greener tomorrow. In its offices, on its shelves, throughout the warehouse facility and as part of its distribution process, Paper Mart strategically and continually takes steps in minimizing its impact on the environment. Jerold Levey, along with his brothers/ partners, Howard Levey and Jonathan Block, constantly assess the life cycle impacts of the product choices and activities of Paper Mart Inc. Each of these initiatives facilitates Paper Mart’s commitment to the environment.

As Paper Mart is an industry leader in recycling practices with a growing list of green certifications. Paper Mart is strategically aligned with several key mills that offer environmentally responsible products so as to embrace the fundamental aspect of environmental sustainability. In fact, Paper Mart stocks more than 5,000 earth-friendly products in its 200,000 sq. ft. warehouse facility, ready for next-day delivery. In order to further educate both employees and customers’ about eco-friendly products and practices, Paper Mart has also developed a comprehensive, in-house training course. In addition, with the initial launch in April, 2013, Paper Mart has begun to host annual meetings intended to endorse the integrity of the Paper Industry and dismiss the myths of paper’s negative impact on the environment.

Keynote Speakers

About Richard Koch, Sales Executive, American Eagle Paper Company

Richard Koch is a Paper Industry veteran with 32 years in the industry. He started his career in converting and merchant sales where he remained for twelve year. Rich has worked with Fletcher Paper Company as well as Eastern Paper before he joined the team at American Eagle Paper Company, where he has worked for the past ten years.

About Betty Stahm, Sales Executive, American Eagle Paper Company

Betty Stahm is the Mid-Atlantic Sales Representative for American Eagle Paper Company. Betty has worked with American Eagle for the past nine years. Her background is in the printing industry.

About American Eagle Paper Company

American Eagle Paper Mills is a very unique mill located in Tyrone, Pennsylvania that produces a variety of fine paper products.  Recycling is a way of life for this mill and it is important to know that products made by American Eagle Paper Mills for everyday use are produced in an environmentally responsible way.  Decades ago the mill produced its own pulp from trees. Today it relies on and creates a market for recovered papers that are challenging to recycle. American Eagle is the only mill in the country that has the ability to separate poly from fiber to make commercial printing paper grades and as a result,

About Gary Dow, Director of Business Development Finch Paper LLC

Gary Dow has over 34 years of experience in Print Management, Paper Making, Advertising and Print Sourcing. Gary has a diverse background beginning his career at the L.P. Thebault Company in print management and sales. He has held positions at Fox River Paper Company, Domtar, and prior to his recent recruitment by Finch Paper Company, Gary spent six years at Bristol Myers Squibb where he had a successful career sourcing print and logistics for all US Pharmaceutical and Global Clinical Trials marketing materials.

About Finch Paper LLC
Finch Paper is located at the foothills of the Adirondack Mountains, on the banks of the Hudson River in northern New York. They’ve been making paper here for over 100 years with a keen understanding that the viability of their mill relies on the wise use- and reuse- of resources. They are an integrated paper mill practicing sustainable forestry, generating their own green power, and making their own pulp to produce high-quality, affordable uncoated printing papers. Their paper is made responsibly — with a steadfast commitment to keep forests as forest.  Finch Paper LLC specializing in uncoated papers for digital and traditional printing markets. They deliver the value that serious printers and print buyers need day-in and day-out.

About Mail Systems Management Association (MSMA)

Mail Systems Management Association (MSMA) was established with a simple mission: to provide a meeting place for mail systems managers to share information, build professional recognition and grow as professionals. Presently, the MSMA consists of over 2,000 members worldwide, and 19 local chapters.

MSMA is a national, not-for-profit association. Its local and regional chapters provide key opportunities for personal and professional growth and development including Networking and continual communication; Information including educational seminars, round-table discussions, ‘hot topic’ speakers and facility tours; Career Support including MSMA certification study groups for CMDSM, CMDSS, and MDC exams.