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Leading Paper Merchant Distributor, Paper Mart Inc. embraces the significance of …

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Leading Paper Merchant Distributor, Paper Mart Inc. embraces the significance of Earth Day as it hosts a meeting titled ‘The Power of Paper’. The event was organized in an effort to endorse the integrity of the Paper Industry and dispel the myth of paper’s negative impact on the environment. Co-sponsored by The New York Chapter of The Association of Marketing Services Providers (AMSP-NY), Printing Industries of America (PIA) and their members, the event opened with a Cocktail Reception combined with multiple tours of Paper Mart’s state of the art facility. It was followed by dinner and a presentation by Drew Tremblay, sustainable Business Advisor for Domtar Corporation.

About Paper Mart, Environmental Leadership:

Paper Mart is one of the largest, most trusted paper and envelope specialists in the United States. Jerold Levey, President and CEO, commenced the meeting by reinforcing Paper Marts’ commitment to the industry. While addressing a targeted group of printing, marketing and mailing professionals, he noted the importance of this topic and the need to address it.

“Paper has gotten a bad rap over the years. We see advertisements and marketing campaigns that misrepresent the truth about papers negative impact on our planet. Critical facts about the processes used in paper manufacturing and paper use are being misstated. As stewards of the paper industry, we have a responsibility to start a grass root effort to dispel the misconceptions and myths hovering over the paper industry. We are here today to emphasize the fact that paper is recyclable, renewable, and ultimately sustainable. The more we know about Paper, the more we can understand how to make smart choices about when and how to use it.”

Protecting the environment has been a Paper Mart initiative for decades. The company, which is FSC certified, is committed to a greener tomorrow. In its offices, on its shelves, throughout the warehouse facility and as part of its distribution process, Paper Mart strategically and continually takes steps in minimizing its impact on the environment. Jerold Levey, along with his brothers/ partners, Howard Levey and Jonathan Block, constantly assess the life cycle impacts of the product choices and activities of Paper Mart Inc. Each of these initiatives facilitates Paper Mart’s commitment to the environment.

Paper Mart is an industry leader in recycling practices with a growing list of green certifications. Paper Mart is strategically aligned with several key mills that offer environmentally responsible products so as to embrace the fundamental aspect of environmental sustainability. In fact, Paper Mart stocks more than 5,000 earthfriendly products and envelopes in its 200,000 sq. ft. facility, ready for next-day delivery. In order to further educate both employees and customers’ about ecofriendly products and practices, Paper Mart has also developed a comprehensive, in-house training course.

About Drew Tremblay, Domtar Corporation Drew Tremblay:

Currently serves as the sustainable Business Advisor for Domtar Corporation in the US and Canada. Domtar Paper is a world leader in paper manufacturing and North America’s largest producer of environmentally and socially responsible papers. In this role, Drew has a unique position as he engages and consults with corporations on reducing their environmental footprint through responsible paper choices. Drew indicated that while making paper has an environmental footprint, many of the environmental criticisms made against paper are misinformed, and therefore its benefits are sometimes overshadowed by misleading environmental claims. Most of what you’ve heard about paper is more fiction than fact!

About The Association of Marketing Service Providers (AMSPNY):

The Association of Marketing Service Providers is comprised of more than 480 companies, most of which are located in the USA and Canada. The association is a valuable resource that provides leadership and is an essential network of marketing service providers. As the industry has evolved, the association has expanded its focus to include new communication channels, while remaining committed to mail and fulfillment services.

About Printing Industries Alliance (PIA):

Printing Industries Alliance:s the trade association serving the graphic communications industry in New York State, Northern New Jersey and Northwestern Pennsylvania. Their headquarters is located in Amherst, New York with a satellite office in Westfield, New Jersey and regional representation on Long Island. Printing Industries Alliance offers a broad range of services, benefits, and support to the industry.