Paper Company Makes Mark with Service, Expertise

The printing business has seen many changes since Paper Mart opened its doors in Newark in 1940. But even as the company…

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The printing business has seen many changes since Paper Mart opened its doors in Newark in 1940. But even as the company adapts to changing times, it has never let go of the values that were instilled by its founder, Herman Levey, and his three sons, Myron, Joseph and Yale.

They established the business on a foundation of hard work, honesty, value and accountability. And they fostered a hands-on approach that endures today, ensuring Paper Mart is agile enough to meet the needs of today’s customers, who are trying to do more of their own printing in-house.

Companies with digital copiers can get the most out of their equipment by talking to the specialists at Paper Mart. The company’s sales team can recommend the right paper for any job—and have it delivered the next day. Paper Mart stocks more than 16,000 types of paper and envelopes in its 200,000-square-foot facility, and works closely with companies of all sizes to find a perfect match.

“While Paper Mart may have the region’s largest supply of copy paper, digital papers and envelopes, you will never be lost in the aisles,” says Jerold Levey, the company’s president and CEO, and a member of the third generation to run the company. He is joined by his brothers Howard Levey and Jonathan Block. “We take pride in offering expert advice that helps our clients, making us a valuable alternative to big-box stores.”

The company also has a state-of-the-art envelope printing department that produces more than 3 million impressions per day for qualified customers. Additional services include folding, scoring, perforating, drilling, cutting and customized packaging. Customers can also take advantage of just-in-time delivery schedules, outsourced warehousing and customized inventory management.

Whatever a customer’s needs, superior service is a top priority at Paper Mart. It starts with accessibility. Paper Mart does not use voice mail; every customer is guaranteed to get personalized service from a live expert every weekday until 6:30 p.m.

“We can design a customized solution to fit any need,” Levey says.

Many companies today are demanding solutions that are sustainable. They can turn to Paper Mart. The company, which is FSC-Certified, is aligned with mills offering environmentally responsible products and can recommend recycled and forest-friendly products. More than 5,000 green products and envelopes are in stock and ready for next-day delivery. A training course developed in-house, meanwhile, educates customers wanting to learn more about eco-friendly products and practices.

“We look forward to keeping both employees and customers up to date as we set new industry benchmarks for the most innovative paper and printing products,” says Levey.

Most recently, Paper Mart expanded its product offerings, adding document destruction to its menu of services, and has rebranded its retail outlet as “The Paper Mart Store.” The company also launched a new website with online ordering capabilities for wholesale customers and an e-commerce site for retail customers.

Some things, however, will not change. For 72 years Paper Mart has been committed to delivering superior products and advice with the most reliable customer service in the industry. “Our word is our guarantee,” Levey says.