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Paper Insights: Generate Excitement with the Power of Paper


Direct Mail has endured the test of time and continues to prove it’s relevance. It’s the ‘new’ game-changer for marketing campaigns – BUT NOT ALL DIRECT MAIL IS EFFECTIVE

Generate Excitement with the Power of Paper

Paper Mart Inc. – East Hanover – April, 2017

Mail: The Journal of Communication Distribution

You may think that direct mail has no place in today’s e-everything world but as every brand is competing for consumer attention, it’s important to understand how direct mail can assist in breaking through today’s digital noise.

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Paper Essentials: Nekoosa Synaps Swatchbook

The most effective way to sell Synaps® polyester paper is by showing key applications so… Nekoosa just created a new sales tool to do just that!


Paper Essentials: 2020 MagneCote® Calendars are now available at Paper Mart Inc.


Looking ahead to a brand new year! The 2020 Paper Mart magnetic calendar is now available. Limited Quantities.


Paper Essentials: Not All Labels Are Meant For The Indoors

Not all labels are meant for the indoors!

Outdoor applications that require a waterproof, durable label.

Vinyl l Polypropylene l Polyester l Polyart l Teslin

LEARN MORE about Spinnaker Coatings Products for Outdoor Applications

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Promotional Offer: It Always Pays to Run Nekoosa

$5 Nekoosa Bucks are back!

Limited time offer… Monday, May 19 – Monday June 30, 2014!

Available at Paper Mart Inc., orders placed for select cartons of Nekoosa Carbonless Paper will contain a $5 Nekoosa Buck coupon. STOCK UP AND SAVE! Nekoosa Bucks is a customer loyalty program created for you as a gift-card redemption opportunity. TO LEARN MORE Contact your Paper Mart Sales Representative today for additional information on the Nekoosa Bucks Program or to place your order.;


Paper Essentials: CTI Paper USA. The following NEW! Swatchbook is available for distribution at Paper Mart Inc.

Be sure to have the most up-to-date information and tools to help you order CTI papers quickly and efficiently. This 6 x 9 professional quality sample swatchbook produced by CTI Paper USA shows all colors within the ASPIRE Petallics | Glama Natural | Currency | Tube l NEW! Kraft lines of paper. This is a quality graphics tools that should be in every graphic professionals sample library.

From metallic and pearlescent paper, translucent paper and soft flat matte paper to the genuinely natural NEW! Kraft paper, CTI Paper USA offers suitable grades that add class, distinction and glisten to any project. Let your imagination lead the way – suitable for business cards, folders, covers, fly sheets, brochures and so much more!

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Paper Essentials: Mohawk Digital Fine Papers Sell Sheet

This comprehensive 11 x 17 sell sheet features all grades included in The Mohawk Digital Fine Papers Portfolio.   Available in appropriate sheet sizes, Mohawk digital fine papers are engineered for the wide variety and ever-changing specifications of digital equipment in the market today.



Paper Essentials: NEENAH releases their new 2015 Digital Swatchbook

The NEW! Neenah digital papers swatchbook


Paper Essentials: 2016 Paper Mart Calendars are now available!


2016 Paper Mart Calendars are now available!


Paper News: Verso’s Coated Sheetfed and Digital Paper Portfolios Go Whiter and Brighter


MEMPHIS, Tenn., March 1, 2017  – Verso Corporation, a leading producer of digital coated papers, announced their Coated Sheetfed and Digital Paper Portfolios will be Whiter and Brilliantly Brighter